Northern Springworks PTY LTD

Spring Manufacturing, Resetting and Repairs

Here at Northern Springworks can manufacture new springs to suit your needs but you’re not just limited to buying a new set of springs!

Through over 35 years experience we can also offer a reset and repair service which can give your old springs a new lease on life and upgrade suspension to suit most applications.

The Resetting Process:

A step -by- step guide of the repair and resetting of your springs.

Stage One: Measuring the camber height and spring disassembly.

          P1010012.jpg        P1010016.jpg 

 Stage Two: Heat Treating and Resetting of Leaves.

         P1010018.jpg       P1010022.jpg

Stage Three: Shop Peening.

        P1010026.jpg       P1010028.jpg

Stage Four: Spring Assembly, Camber Height and Industrial Coating.

        P1010031.jpg       P1010032.jpg