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4WD Parabolic Suspension

�Standard Multi-Leaf springs in today�s market often exhibit somewhere between 8 and 11 leaves within a pack to meet the weight requirements of 4WD owners. Parabolics will carry the same weight using on three leaves.������������������� ��parabolic_2_resize23.jpg

Parabolic springs have leaves with a tapered profile. This tapering is based on the parabola that for every mm that the leaf thickness decreases this amount relates to the square function of the leaf. This is the technical way to say that each parabolic leaf has the same shape & function of a complete multi-leaf spring - thick at the center and thinner at the outer ends. This means that a single parabolic leaf is able to cope with the same forces inside the leaf as a complete conventional 8 multi-leaf or more spring.


The ideal parabolic spring only requires one single leaf but for safety reasons our Australian designed 4WD parabolic springs have a minimum of two leaves. The second leaf is a wrap style leaf acting as a safeguard in the unlikely event of a breakage. Northern Springworks parabolic springs have been designed to be 100% compatible with standard suspension fittings however it is recommended to upgrade the shock absorbers to high quality, far reaching, heavy duty for maximum performance. Here at Northern Springworks we supply a range of heavy duty gas � foam cell shock absorbers.

Truck Parabolics

At Northern Springworks we can also provide an extensive range of parabolic springs for trucks, as most of today�s manufacturers are choosing to use parabolic suspension on their vehicles. We can also offer an addition of extra leaves to upgrade your parabolic suspension. We also supply a range of shock absorbers to suit parabolic springs, an integral part of modern truck suspensions.